Clients Horses


LAR- 16.3HH - Owned By Florence Hunt
(Eucalipto x Vlana II)
Graded Multi Champion PRE Stallion
Bred by Gonzalo Valenzuela Ruiz)

Gorgeous straight big moving stallion with presence and fairytale looks.

Winner - Royal Windsor horse show, Winner - BAPSH national championship show, Winner Functionality in hand and ridden, Qualified and competed at SICAB - The Spanish horse world finals.


UNICUM - 16.1HH - Owned by Florence Hunt
(Sire x Dam)
Belgian Warmblood Gelding
Bred in Belgium)

Lovely sensitive big moving gelding.

Unicum is a very rewarding horse to ride. He is talented and always willing. He has good basic education, all lateral work, flying changes, pirrouettes and is showing a good apptitude for Spanish walk and passage.


Ald Eden - Owned by Isobel McKenna
(Orgullo II x Horfa)
PRE Gelding
Bred by Finca la Aldehuela

Extremely clever and sensitive Spanish gelding. He is settling into some lovely work now and has been competed showing and dressage. Very hot character but very rewarding to work with. He has been placed at every outing and shows great promise for the future.


ROCKY L CESAR- Owned by Charlotte de Castella
(Occulto x Primadonna)
PRE Gelding
Bred by Rocky Lane Andalusians

Gorgeous baroque Spanish gelding. Rocky originally came to be backed and never left. He is the grandson of Ninfa XII. He has been placed at every outing showing and dressage and has numerous championship titles to his name.


RUBIA DONCEL- owned by Charlotte de Castella
(Morisco XII x Estimada XXX)
PRE Filly soon to be graded.
Bred by Yeguada los Donceles

Lovely buckskin filly imported from Spain late 2015. Rubia is backed but has been turned away to mature and be a horse. We look forward to bringing her back into work and competing her.